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Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai fired two members from his close cabinet this past Sunday. Less than a week ago, Taliban insurgents, or people who revolt in harmful ways, planned an attack on the national peace assembly. The day of the attack was a lucky one for the assembly, as the three suicide bombers accompanied by multiple rockets missed the assembly’s tent, but one managed to land a mere 200 feet away. Since the attack, fifteen insurgents and around 700 rockets have been safely contained, but this did not comfort the president. All that is being released about the communication between the president and the two men is when he asked them, (Interior Minister Hanif Atmar and Afghanistan's chief spy, Amrullah Saleh), what went wrong, they could not provide sufficient excuses, and were fired on the spot. When keeping in mind his belief that the Talian should be handled with compromise and allied forces, the president hired Ibrahim Speenzada and Gen. Muneer Mangal to replace the fired men. Gen. Mangal fought against the mujahedeen fighters who would eventually become Taliban leaders, and Speenzada has extensive background as a trustworthy cohort of many important worldly leaders. Many American officials and Afghan leaders who are involved with the Afghanistan government believe in Karzai’s choice and are fully supporting the two new members with high hopes for the future.


On Sunday, June 06, 2010, a stream of tornadoes and harsh thunderstorms ripped through the midwest of America. Most damage was done in Ohio, but there is also some damage in Southern Michigan and Illinois. Although there is only seven deaths recorded so far, (one of which was a small child), police and rescue aid are still searching through the rubble and say it will be a bit longer before they can determine the death toll. The destruction of the most affected area is said to have around 50 houses destroyed and about 50 severely damaged. The storms were so harsh, that at one point the operators and ambulance drivers were ordered to evacuate the area, therefor being unable to provide help for at least 2 hours. Many things in all affected areas were wrecked including cars, buses, trees, schools, office buildings, and many other things.


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The smoke from Quebec is because of a forest fire. The reason it came to Maine is because of the wind was pushing the smoke towards us.( witch is not good.)
people with heart conditions were told to stay indoors until the smoke passed. but the forest fire has been put out thanks to the Quebec fire department. I wonder were smoky the bear was when all this happened I guess he took a vacation or still hibernating. I guess this story will be a reminder not to start forest fires. more then
1,260 sq km was burned near Quebec.


A lot of countries are mad at Israel for kill crew members on a ship with supplies for trying to get through their blockade. Israel is now being threatened by
Turkey and Turkey might reduce their economic defense
ties with Israel following the deadly raid on a Gaza aid. The crew members on the ship are in prison
( getting out soon.) in Israel. The president of Israel said
"resistance fighters who are struggling to defend their land" He's basically saying that if we go to war
there will be no mercy. Hamas seized Gaza in 2007 but by the US and EU he is a terrorist.

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Maine Gubernatorial Election, 2010
This year is a year that we elect a new governor. The elections will take place on November, 2, 2010. But on June 8th they are having the primary election. This is only for people who are Democrats and Republicans, because the primary election is for people to vote one candidate for each party to the election. There are four candidates in the Democratic party are Elizabeth "Libby" Mitchell, G. Steven Rowe, Patrick K. McGowan, Rosa Scarcelli. And in the Republican party the seven candidates are Peter Mills, Les Otten, Matt Jacobson, Steve Abbott, Paul LePage, Bruce Poliquin, William "Bill" Beardsley. And there will be no candidates from the independent party because not enough signatures.
Russian Bombing

On Wednesday, May 26 there was a bombing outside a planned performance by a dance company from the restive Russian republic of Chechnya. Six people were killed and 40 were wounded. The bomb was a remote bomb packed with 200 grams of explosives and tiny scraps of metal to increase the total harm. They still have not found who is responsible for this, but Islamist groups from the North Caucasus have been behind a string of recent attacks, including April bombings in the republic of Dagestan and March bombings at Moscow subway stations. A Chechen rebel leader, Dokku Umarov, claimed responsibility for the subway attack.


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President Barack Obama, meanwhile, has decided to have a presidential commission investigate the cause of the rig explosion that unleashed millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, where engineers are struggling after three weeks to stop the flow. The undersea oil well, following a drilling rig's April 20 explosion 50 miles off Louisiana's coast, is spewing up to 210,000 gallons of light sweet crude a day into the Gulf.BP, the well's majority owner, has been trying to stop the flow by using remote-controlled submarines to activate a valve atop the well. But the valve, known as a blowout preventer, is not working. The blowout preventer is 48 foot tall and it weights is 450 ton and it will go down in the water about 5,000 underwater and so the device well stop the oil spilling underwater.

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President Barack Obama is now in trouble because animal are dieing of a oil spill and President Barack Obama is trying to fix up the problem.


In May 1, around 6p.m. a vendor in saw a smoke coming from a box inside a dark green vehicle on 45th street near Seventh Avenue in Time Square. Officers evacuated people from an area between 43rd and 47th streets avenues. In the Pathfinder, a bomb squad found three propane tanks, two filled five-gallon gasoline containers, two clocks with batteries, consumer-grade fireworks and a locked metal box that resemble a gun locker. On Sunday 3 a.m., a robot from a bomb squad smashed through the back window of the SUV and retrieve the box.

Forensic scientist are now investigating the scene and the vehicle. The SUV's vehicle identification number had been removed, but investigators were able to recover it. A man named Faial Shzad, a naturalized American citizen from Pakistan, was on board a Dubai-bound flight when he was arrested at JFK airport in New York late Monday.



China rescues 115 from flooded mine

On Monday, 115 of the 261 miners were pulled from a mine in Wanjialing, China more than a week after it was flooded with water on March 28. When the water first came, some of the workers attached themselves to the wall of the mine and hung there for about three days before a cart floated by and they were able to jump in. On Saturday tapping was heard in the mine, and swaying lamps were spotted Sunday night, urging the rescuers to go into the mine. Nearly 200 people are still working to drain the mine of dangerous gases as well as water, and 38 more miners are believed to still be stuck in the mine. Because of this tragic event, the country of China has decided to inspect mine safety regulations, as well as those of other large industries in China that have had serious accidents such as this one.

iPad sales

The long anticipated iPad was released on Saturday, with an estimated sale number of 300,000 to 700,00 iPads on just that first day of its release. This is 33% more sales than the iPhone, which sold 200,000 its release date. This has brought around an urgency for app companies to update their apps for the iPads, and over one million apps have been downloaded since the iPad release. Most of the people who brought these tablets were already fans of Apple, and about three-fourths of them owned a mac computer as well. This revolution changes tablet computing, and enables the user several different services, such as easy web browsing all the way to enlarged text for senior citizens. The iPad has been called “the next hot thing” and sales are expected to continue to rise. This has caused a small stimulant in the economy, and DOW has risen since the iPad was released, due to the large number of consumers buying them.

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The health care bill was recently passed. There is a lot of debate weather to like the bill or not. A lot of people disagree with the bill because they think it will cost a lot more then they claim it will. Also a lot of people don’t feel its the governments job to make health care decisions for them. most people think we have the best health care in the world, but the problem is the cost is rising to rapidly. The government is spending all kinds of the peoples money that we don’t have. The health care reform is good for senor citizens because it pays for all their subscriptions and medications. It is also good for students because you are covered on your parents health care until you are 26 leaving them one less thing needed to focus on. This reform makes the government more in control of the economy and in result the taxes will be raised because the government needs more money that it doesn’t have.
The Chinese censored version of google was recently taken down. The translation blocked everything to do with the Dalai Lama and so on. China was very mad about this because Google had to promise that they would sensor certain things, but recently Google said they would not sensor it anymore. They believe that you shouldn’t be able to look certain things up,they dont believe freedom of speach. Chinese people were switched to the Hong Kong version of google, but dont think it will last long because that will probably be shut down soon too.

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Toyota used to have a good reputation for quality and safety in their cars. But then in November 2009 and January 2010, Toyota recalled more than eight million cars around the world to fix a problem with the acceleration. They announced in January that they would temporarily stop selling eight of the automakers cars in North America. The cars that are not going to be sold temporarily are, the 09-10 RAV4 crossover, the 09-10 Corolla, the 09-10 Matrix, the 05-10 Avalon, the 07-10 Camry, the 2010 Highlander, the 07-10 Tundra, and the 08-10 Sequoia. Six million cars out of the total of eight million recalled, were in the United States. In the beginning of February, Toyota received reports of faulty brakes on the Prius. About 437,000 of the Prius and other gas-electric Toyota cars would be recalled all over the world.

On Monday, March 1, 2010 The Supreme Court decided to take the case of whether a father whose son was a Marine killed in Iraq can sue people who picketed at his son’s funeral. They held signs that said things like “Thank God for Dead Soldiers.” and “God Hates You”. The protestors were against homosexuals and believed that God hated them so much that when soldiers died in Iraq and Afghanistan they said it was God punishing the United States. This is because the United Stats is tolerant of homosexuals. The father, Mr Snyder’s argument was the the protesters “ intentionally inflicted emotional distress on him.” The judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals all voted against Mr. Snyder. They ruled that the protestors signs were under the First Amendment. The Supreme Court will consider the case in the fall.


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March 2, 2010

On February 27, 2010 a 8.8-magnitude earthquake hit the South America country Chile. This earthquake left many dead and with no homes. This earthquake was rated as a 8.8 magnitude, which much bigger and stronger than the 7.0-magnitude that devastated Haiti on January 12. The death toll in Haiti was far more than recorded in Chile because of strict building codes put into play after past damaging earthquakes. It’s recorded only 708 people are pronounced dead after this earthquake. The quake took downs many houses and buildings, really destroying one of Latin Americas most stable economies. This earthquake is tied for fifth largest in the world since 1900. Hawaii, Japan and the Philippines were all on alert and were held to a very small amount of evacuations in anticipation of waves hitting. It is said that major ports and airports like the main airport in Santiago are out of operation across the central region. President Obama spoke shortly outside the White House showing much worry for the country of Chile and says the United States will give aid in rescue and recovery effort.

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FBI became involved of a case involving laptops, high school students and the school administrators. The FBI was contacted when a family placed a lawsuit against Lower Merion School District outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is said that a Pennsylvania school official monitored a student at home. School official says “it was a mistake not to make families aware of a feature allowing the school to monitor the computer hardware.” Lawsuit states that “on November 11, 2009 the plaintiff's son was told by the assistant principal at Harriton High School that he was caught engaging in "improper behavior" in his home which was captured in an image via the webcam.” "During the 2009-2010 school year, 42 laptops were reported lost, stolen or missing, and the tracking software was activated by the technology department in each instance, according to McGinley's statement. A total of 18 laptops were found or recovered".

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Earthquake in Haiti

On Tuesday, January 12, 2010 the Caribbean country of Haiti was struck by a deadly 7.0 magnitude earth quake. The capital of Port-au-Prince was completely destroyed including the only hospital in the country. Government and United Nation Officials have estimated 200,000 dead and 1.5 million people have been left homeless. Although there has been a tremendous response from the international community, relief efforts has been slow to get food, water and medical supplies to the Haitian people. This because the only port remains closed. Distribution of supplies to the victims has been very slow because all the roads were destroyed and a lack of electricity. The United States has taken a leadership role in the relief effort. President Obama has committed U.S. Troops, medical personal and a Red Cross hospital ship to assist. Former presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush were selected by President Obama to head up the U.S. team. Both Haitian and United Nation Officials are now reporting wide spread looting throughout the country. Meanwhile international rescue teams continue to dig through the rubble searching for trapped survivors.

Source: Associated Press,CNN

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Obama Administration Attempting To Create Jobs

The White House and United States Labor Department announced a second month of 10% unemployment. There are over 15 million Americans out of work. This is the unemployment rate sine the Great Depression in the 1930’s. President Obama and other government officials have been meeting with business executives, labor leaders and college professors to discuss ways to stimulate job growth. A number of ideas have come from these meetings. The first program is called Cash for Clunkers. This program pays people $4500 to turn in their old cars and buy new ones. Last summer General Motors and other car makers brought back previously unemployed workers to meet the increase in demand for new cars. Another idea that has been suggested is to give growing small businesses access to credit. Small businesses have more difficulty borrowing money from banks than large businesses. The idea is that if our government can help small companies get loans then new jobs will follow. So far this idea has not occurred. Discussions between the President and business leaders will continue.

Source: Associated Press,CNN


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Anna's Newscaster January 12, 2010

Failed Christmas day bombing

Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab attempted using a weapon of mass destruction to destroy and wreck a U.S. aircraft. The plane was leaving Amsterdam Netherlands on December 25th, while on the plane, he had a bomb in his clothing and was to be detonated “at the time of his choosing. Right before the plane was going to land he set off the bomb, luckily it did not work right but instead set off a fire in the mans seat. Right as the plane landed he was taken into custody by the U.S. He is only 23 years old, and will have a sentence of life in prison.
Ugandan government backs anti-gay legislation
Ugandan Government making an anti-homosexuality bill. Which means some of the toughest punishments for gays, a minimum life sentence for anyone convicted of having gay sex. If someone gay is HIV positive, it’s a mandatory death penalty. Also it’s a three year prison sentence if you know about any homosexual activity, and didn’t report it within 24 hours. Some people in Uganda Homosexuality is an immortal habit, and they think it can be cured.



Emily's Newscaster December 11th 2009

Obama’s plan to send troops to Afghanistan.

President Obama wants to send 30,000 troops over to Afghanistan to try to reverse the Taliban’s momentum and help stabilize Afghanistan’s government. He plans to withdraw forces in 2011 and have all troops out within 3 years. He says “If I did not think the security of the country and the safety of the American people were at stake, I would gladly order every single troop home tomorrow” meaning he wants to make the right decisions for the sake of the country. Full Story
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Holiday shopping

This year’s Black Friday sales increased only slightly from last year, and were expected decrease this year. Consumers spent money on toys, electronics, Snuggies and sweaters on Black Friday. Retailers registered $10.66 billion in sales on Black Friday. Black Friday sales were said to have risen 4.7% in the West, increased 1.3% in the Midwest, went up 0.6% in the South but declined 4.9% in the Northeast.
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