Mr Kan, 63 years old. is an outgoing finance minister, he promised economic reform and a focus on social welfare, also smooth ties with the US. He is known as japans 5th primse minister in three years. Mr Hatoyama resigned as prime minister on Wednesday in dispute over a US military base in southern Japan. He promised to move the airbase off okinawa Island but had failed to find an acceptable compromise to please locals and the US. Mr Hatoyama led the Democratic Party of Japen (DPJ) of a historic election victory in September 2009. Mr Kan was elected by DPJ lawmakers and then confrimed as prime minister by votes in both houses of parliament. He is expected to for a cabinet in th next few days and to be sworn in by Emperor Akihito next week. He made a speech to DPJ members on friday he said,"I believe we can achieve a strong economy, strong finances and strong social welfare all at the same time," He also said that the party needed to unite ahead of upper house polls due in July. He also has been serving as deputy prime minister. The correspondent says the new prime minister will have to move quickly to impress voters and to reinvigorate a centre-left government and many believe has lost its way after just nine months.


Friday June 4th 2010, McDonald’s Realized the glasses they are giving out with the painted design of a Shrek character on the glass has cadmium in it, ( a metal element in the paint) They realized that when the costumers bring the cups home to wash them the paint can chip off, but it is so small that it’s hard to visualize the paint in the cup. The costumers end up getting sick because of it. They say that it can cause damage to the liver, kidnets, lungs, nervous system and the brain. McDonalds is worried about long term use but in small amounts. They made the dicision to stop selling the cups and voluntarily recall these products, effective immediately. CPSC spokesman Scott Wolfson said: "A very small amount of cadmium can come to the surface of the glass, and in order to be as protective as possible of children, CPSC and McDonald's worked together on this recall." He also added that the glasses had much less cadium than items of childrens metal jewellery recalled by the CPSC this year

peaceful blood shed

The Gaza Free Movement organized the flotilla. The Gaza Free Movement says that it wants to raise awareness of what they say is an “illegal siege on Gaza” by Israel. The Gaza Free Movement says that the israel blockade is an “unjustified” act that keeps the palestinians from major good and services. The convoy consisted of six ships three passenger and three cargo vessels. They were carrying over 10,000 tons of aid. Also they carried 600 passengers. The cargo consisted of food, medical aid, and other supplies including cement, prefabricated housing and educational equipment. The U.N. Security Council on Tuesday called for a "prompt, impartial, credible and transparent" investigation into the raid. Yes, the Free Gaza Movement says on its website it has organized eight voyages to Gaza, and five of the voyages have successfully arrived in gaza The United Nations has described the blockade of Gaza by Israel as the "collective punishment" of the Palestinian people living in gaza. The U.N. has repeatedly criticized the blockade and it is an insufficient flow of goods into the area for basic needs and reconstruction. Israel allows About 15,000 tons of humanitarian aid flows into Gaza each week tis includes food and medicine. israel said “The organizers' intent was violent, their method was violent and the results were unfortunately violent." The Free Gaza Movement said the flotilla's aim was to "challenge Israel's blockade of 1.5 million Palestinians trapped in an open-air prison.". The Israeli government said it would allow humanitarian aid on the flotilla into Gaza through its normal channels. An Israel defense force spokesman said the vessels "refused to comply with an invitation to come to Ashdod port where they could transfer aid into the Gaza strip."The Israel government says its soldiers faced violent resistance as they boarded the largest ship, the Marmara. The Free Gaza Movement denies there was violent resistance to Israeli soldiers, saying the soldiers immediately opened fire on unarmed civilians. Video released by the Israeli Defense Forces showed intense fighting on the decks of the ship

blockade1.jpg blockade.jpg

Heath Care Plan
On March 22, 2010, after about a years of planning an debate, the health care reform bill became law. This bill has just about split the country in half. People are either for the bill or against it. Some people against the bill have even gone to the extent of vandalizing and sending death threats to Democratic who support the bill. The reason this bill is such a controversy is the people writing this insurance plan tried to include all Americans so they would be covered. Hopefully this bill will cover the 32 million uninsured people in the ten year like the bill plans. The bill plans to help senior citizens pay for drugs and other medications as well as forbids insurance companies from rejecting coverage to people with preexisting condition. Also children will be covered with their parents health insurance until they are 26. This is helpful for kids in collage because they can put all there money into collage instead of health insurance. Adults without children will be covered for the first time and the coverage of the health care program for those less fortunate, Medicaid, will be expanded. The hospital still have to treat people down when they’re sick and even if they don’t have insurance. Although all of this has been decided, lawmakers still had to make a decision on abortion where they decided federal funds would not be used for the expense of abortion. People who already have medical insurance are thinking that this health care reform is a bad thing because this bill means that the insurance companies would be under more control by the government, and there would be higher taxes

Google vs. China
On Monday Google announced it has stopped running the censored search results in China. Google made this reported this in a 3:03 p.m. ET post on its official blog. Google said it’s users will now be re-routed to an uncensored site based in Hong Kong. Some things that China had required Google to block were the 1989 crackdown at Tiananmen Square, the Dalai Lama and the banned Falun Gong spiritual movement. In a recent blog post Google's chief legal officer, Senior Vice President David Drummond said, "We want as many people in the world as possible to have access to our services, including users in mainland China, yet the Chinese government has been crystal clear throughout our discussions that self-censorship is a non-negotiable legal requirement.” Google has be monitoring mainland China very carefully to see if access to its site has been blocked. This all happened in January after Google announced that it had been hacked along with at least 20 other companies. Apparently the attacks originated in China in mid-December with the intent to acquire access to the e-mail accounts of Chinese human rights activists through the Google network. Because of this google said it would no longer abide by the filter the Chinese government demanded on certain searches.

Crosby after scoring the winning goal
USA vs. Canada
At 3:15pm, the gold medal game was played between Team Canada and Team USA. This was the most wanted medal in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. This game is a rematch of an earlier Olympic hockey game about a week ago. Team USA is hoping to win again today. As the action gets started Canada puts in two quick goals. USA trailing behind gradually catches up and ties the game up in the last few seconds to bring the game into overtime. Star player Sidney Crosby later scores in over time and wins the gold medal for Team Canada. This was a "game for the ages", Crosby gave Canada a historic win. This was the first time since 1980 when a hockey team wins gold at home ice. If that wasn’t great enough, Crosby accomplished something the “great one” (Wayne Gretzky) had never done. He won a gold medal. This was the most important event in the Olympics for team Canada and Team Canada won the gold here at home turf.

Coach gets upset and is embarrased for losing against team USA
Canada finally gets what they deserve qs=n#focal=3497b0208ba8f111a202e89591b395ff&furl=http%3A%2


Toyota_Logo.jpg For the past few weeks Toyota has made recalls on their new releases. There seemed to be having problems with sticky pedals, accelerating when trying to stop. There were over 4 million recalls from U.S and Europe combined. These recalls were made from eight different models. Experts say that there is a 20% sale drop in the first month before buyers start buying the product again. But in this case the impact will be much bigger. Three days after the recall was made, Toyota found a solution and started shipping the new parts to the car factories. Toyota now keeps improving their cars and try to regain our trust like they had for the past 80 years.

People dont believe toyota is improving at all
Toyota claims they are improving their racalls, but still not being believed

Webcam used to monitor a student:
In a school outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a family filed a lawsuit against the Lower Merion School District suing the school district, its board of directors, and the superintendent. The assistant principal of Harriton High school was accused by this family of watching their son through his MacBook laptop webcam. He was said to be at home and not aware that he was being watched. The district denied this. They said it was a mistake not to make families aware of this feature allowing the school to monitor the computer hardware. The lawsuit says that on November 11, 2009, the son was told by the assistant principal at Harriton High School that he was caught doing "inappropriate behavior" in his home which was shown by a photo taken on his webcam. The school said that the district would only be able access a laptop if it was reported lost, stolen or missing. The ability of the webcam feature is to take over the laptop and see whatever was in the webcam's field of vision, allowing them to track down the missing computer. The parents and students were not told about this built-in security feature. Doug Young, spokesman for the Lower Merion School District accepts that the schools will have to to re-evaluate the policies in the program.

Vancouver Olympics 2010
The spokesman for the International Olympic committee, Jacques Rogge is overall happy with the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. In the first two days of the games the warm weather and lack of snow consulted an issue, events were canceled and tickets were refunded for snowboard and skiing events because of these problems. That was said to get the games to the worst possible start. But, the committee did well to recover from the first tough days to make the games a success. This is an easy thing to get back from. The death of luger, Nodar Kumaritashvili of Russia however was not. He died in a training run, his sled came out from under him, throwing him off the track into a medal pillar. This was made very difficult for people to recover from and overshadowed the Olympics of 2010. Before the events, the committee reshaped the track and started the men a little lower down the track to reduce the speed. This affected all the luge runners competition. An official investigation into the cause of his death will be announced in April.


Snow in Washington and Baltimore-Washington DC is getting hit with storm after storm. It’s is putting back business, school, and everything else that involves transportation. “Any city would be severly challenged be this type of deluge” Said the third-term Democrat on the District of Columbia Council, “That said, I think we could have done a whole lot better.” The side streets were left forgotten about and unplowed before the SECOND storm hit. Making the demand for clean, snow-free streets even harder to fill. Baltimore got even more snow than Washington. The city oficials were looking for anything that could plow the snow and get it away. The storm caused 31,000 people to go without power. The normal amount of snow for Baltimore is 18 inches a year, but this year the city has already gotten 65 inches for the season. That has passed the old record 62.5 inches in the years 1995 to 1996.
Man in the rubble for 27 days-It’s a miracle. The earthquake in Haiti has happened, but searchers are still finding survivors. This one lucky man was found 27 days after being trapped under rubble of a flea market. Health workers are saying that nobody can live that long without food and water, and the last survivor that was found had been under the rubble for 15 days. But sources say that two men came to a clinic carrying this man that was weak and dehydrated. The man came to enough to tell his story, and medics are still trying to figure out how he could have survived that long with water, and maybe some fruit. He was selling his rice at the flea market and when he was trapped under the rubble, it was close to the other food and drink venders. People are starting to think that it was possible for him to live that long under the rubble. After some tests the doctors came to the conclusion that the man had to have something to drink, enough to keep him alive, but not enough to keep him from dehydration. But there is still no way to fully confirm this story.
Friday January 15, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti

external image moz-screenshot.jpgHaiti_Earthquake.jpg


On Tuesday January 12, an earthquake erupted in Haiti, with a magnitude of 7.0. Officials say the death toll from the earthquake could reach up to 50,000. Flattening a lot of the capital of 2 million people, destroying homes and buildings from small shacks to the large beautiful white National Palace where the President Rene Preval lives. Even hospitals, schools, the main prison, and churches collapsed. With this tragic even there is still hope for these survivors. President Barack Obama along with many others promised to help the ones in need by responding with ships, helicopters, transport plans, and 2,000 members of the Marine unit. They also promise to send emergency teams from all across the U.S. They are already getting to work. IN Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, teams of rescuers try to save any survivors in collapsed buildings. This is a though job though, because communication, transportation, and overall the outrageous number of people in need make it tough to get to everyone who needs help. There is one form of communication that is making it easier for people in haiti to learn more about whats happening around them, and making it easier for us to learn more about whats happening around Haiti. This source is the internet. More and More people have been sending in images, twitter updates, and more just over the internet. Many people have even tried to locate their friends and family over the internet.

Weather.jpg catalino.jpg
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More Frigid Weather

070119_EXP_FrozenFruitEX.jpg -

On Wednesday, January 13, two thirds of the nation was pounded with record low temperatures. The weather brought blistering cold temperatures, and wind across the country. Even states not used to such cold temperatures like Florida are having trouble with the frigid air. Gov. Charlie Crist said it was a state of emergency because of the threat to producing large profits in the crop industry. Charlie Crist aims to help farmers in Florida by allowing them to get crops that are already harvested out of the frigid weather. These low temperatures are braking records and will most likely continue to get colder.


Friday December 4 2009

The UN climate change conference in Copenhagen
President Barack Obama wasn’t until recently going to go to the UN conference about climate change. Now before taking the trip to pick up is Nobel peace prize he is going to Copenhagen to pledge that the worlds greatest polluter will cut back on how much we pollute into the air. He is meeting with lots of other world leaders to try to propose a new plan for how to improve climate control. If the UN fails to agree it could be terrible for the whole would and impact our lives in the future. Before the conference some of the biggest emitters of green house gasses had to state an estimated number that they will cut by 2020. The US emission cut rate is 17 % by the next decade. Even though the US is one of the highest green house gas emitter's our pledge to cut was lower than most other high emission countries.

{01ee9119-3404-43ee-8c48-28140c144e2f}.gif.jpeg {954d16c1-c807-4a40-a948-9654b0abc3af}.gif.jpeg

Lincoln University's new mandatory fitness class Some students at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania may not graduate this year, and not because they are failing academically. Three years ago the school passed a rule that all students that have a body mass index of 30 or above have to take a fitness course to graduate. If you are assigned to do the course but don’t complete it you can’t graduate. Tiana Lawson wrote an editorial complaining about the idea. She thinks that its not fair to have only certain students do the class. She thinks everyone should, no matter what their BMI is. Also she brought up the point that she went to Lincoln to get an education not to be told she is not at an acceptable weight. As a student she is quite strong academically and the fact that she has a slightly high BMI doesn’t hold her back in the way of education.

Thursday October 29


U.S. Police Officers building trust in Afghanistan

story.jpg external image moz-screenshot.jpgexternal image story.jpg

Colonel John King is in Afghanistan building relationships with locals. The biggest idea Colonel King has is to have relationships with the people in Afghanistan because without the relationships, the war cannot be won. By making friendships with the people of Afghanistan, we get the support of the people and this unity makes all of us stronger ; it is a good way of breaking cultural barriers. But not only does the American military need the support, but we need their trust so that we can train them how to patrol and protect themselves, that is what Colonel King's job is. He feels that if you can break the boundary between us we CAN work together. It is like when you work in a group with a couple of people who you are uncomfortable with. It is harder to work with them and the final product may be good, but it could have been better. That is Colonel King's idea of creating relationships. " The war in Afghanistan cannot be won solely through the barrel of a gun, but by building relationships." CNN

Optional public option enters Senate health care talks

There has been an everlasting debate on health care reform. One potential part of the whole bill was discussed last Thursday. There has been a total of five bills passed, four discussing a public option run by the government. The most current bill also has the public option. But because of so many oppositions, there has been an opt-out added. This means that states can choose whether to have it or not. Those who oppose it think that it will not solve the health cost because with a better coverage and lower costs, everyone will go for the option and the private insurance companies will have to come off the market. But those who support believe that the public option will give more opportunity to the people who are not currently covered and will help lower the prices of the insurance companies because of competition. The problem is whether or not this will help put more money in the health system or cause the government to be in total control of the health system.

{d629360b-a817-46f5-976e-01e115f7d3e7}.jpg {92b91cee-d537-4121-b630-522021a1aff6}.jpg

Friday October 23


The Afghan Opium Trade

external image opiates.jpgopiates.jpg
The Afghan opiate heroin trade does more than introduce tons and tons of opium into the markets of the world. It provides terrorist organizations with money, but according to “the opiate heroin kills five times as many people in NATO countries each year than the eight-year total of NATO troops killed in Afghan combat”. As you can see by the map the opiate heroin is distributed to a large market. Out of that market it is said that Taliban gets a minimum of $400 million. As you can see the opiate heroin trade is worse than what you might think. It harms people by supplying the Taliban with money and supplying people with heroin and opium.


Same Sex Marrige Vote


The same sex marriage law has been a point of controversy ever since it was first voted on. That was way back in 1996 when Bill Clinton was in office, that bill said states didn't need to recognize same sex marriages . Then on May 6, 2009 the Senate passed the final version of the bill and it was signed into law. The next day Bob Emrich filed paperwork to have a people’s veto. The opponents of the Maine law submitted signatures in September and now voters will vote on the law. Recent polls show that people are divided over the issue and it really depends on who shows up to vote in November.

October 15th, 2009

Car Tones


Scientists have found that electricity-powered cars are much quieter than gasoline powered cars, but this is a problem to pedestrians. If people can’t hear if a car is coming it could be a safety hazard, so they’ve created a digitally created “vroom.” The beauty in it is you get to customize your own noise, they’re similar to ring tones for cellphones, and are now being called “car tones.” One cartoonist's opinion about this is that the electrically powered cars aren't very different from gasoline powered cars, and that the cars are the same, they just run on different fuels. The other cartoonist's opinion is that even though the cars will be able to help the environment, and be extremely quiet, they can't be quiet because that feature can almost never be used. Due to the car tones that will have to be constantly on for pedestrian's sake.

Map of Afghanistan
afghanistan.gif image cars%201.gifexternal image cars%201.gif

Obama & Afghanistan

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) says that there will be a large amount of troops brought to afghanistan. They don’t have an exact number of the troops yet, but so far they estimate that there will be 40,000 to 45,000 troops. One cartoonist’s point of view on this is that we’re on top of afghanistan and everything is under control. The other cartoonist’s point of view is that afghanistan is going to fight back and that afghanistan is going to be on top.


Lincoln University

Some students at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania may not graduate this year, and not because they are failing academically. Three years ago the school past a rule that all students that have a body mass index of 30 or above have to take a fitness corse to graduate. If you are assigned to do the corse but don’t complete it you can’t graduate. Tiana Lawson wrote an editorial complaining about the idea. She thinks that its not fair to have only certain students do the class. She thinks everyone should no matter what there BMI is. Also she brought up the point that she went to Lincoln to get an education not to be told she is not at an acceptable weight. Also that she is quite strong academically and that the fact that she has a slightly high BMI doesn’t hold her back in the way of education.